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IANS Derfflinger was a Seydlitz-class superdreadnought of the Imperial Andermani Navy.

History Edit

In 1908 PD, Derfflinger[1] was Großadmiral von Rabenstrange's flagship, and her Marine contingent was composed of elite Totenkopf Hussar guards assigned there by Emperor Gustav XI himself. The ship's commanding officer at the time was Kapitän der Sterne Gunterman.

Onboard Derfflinger, Admiral Rabenstrange conferred with Manticoran captain Honor Harrington regarding the situation in the Silesian Confederacy, as well as the offer of Imperial assistance to the Star Kingdom's efforts against piracy. (HH6)

Known Crewmembers Edit

Naval Officers Edit

References Edit

  1. The name is likely a reference to Georg von Derfflinger (1606–1695 CE), field marshal in the army of Brandenburg, and very likely to SMS Derfflinger, a famous battlecruiser of the Imperial German Navy.

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