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Hugh Arai
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Hugh Arai, bred as F-23xb-74421-4/5, was an escaped genetic slave and an officer of the Beowulfan Biological Survey Corps.

Biography Edit

Arai was bred as an F-line labor slave designed for extremely heavy labor. He was freed when a Beowulf System-Defense Force ship captured the slaver he was aboard, and lived on the planet Berstuk in the Aldib System for some time before moving to Beowulf at the age of eleven and eventually gaining citizenship. When he was young, he was a thug, but then he met Audubon Ballroom leader Jeremy X, who "straightened him out". As an adult, he joined the Biological Survey Corps.

In 1921 PD, he led a BSC assault team that raided Parmley Station and killed the free-lance slavers present. He also made contact with the Butre Clan, and developed a scheme by which the Audubon Ballroom could use the station for its own purposes, which was ending the slave trade.

While investigating the possibilities, he and several Clan members traveled to Torch, where they met Queen Berry. After a brutal assassination attempt that left many people dead, Arai became involved with the queen's security. Over time, and with a little bit of encouragement from Jeremy X, he became closer and closer to the young monarch. Shortly after the Battle of Torch, he officially resigned as her chief of security, and they began to pursue a relationship. (CS2)

Service Record Edit

Posts Edit

  • Commanding Officer, BSCS Ouroboros, CO ship's commando force
  • Chief of Security for Queen Berry of Torch

References Edit

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