Howell Steading was a Grayson steading, or feudal province.

Around 1901 PD, the Conclave of Steadholders accepted the eldest of Steadholder Howell's illegitimate sons as his legal heir in the absence of legitimate male children. As of 1921 PD, this was the most recent precedent (of a great many, reaching back to the years immediately after the original colonists' arrival on Grayson) of recognition of illegitimate children as a Steadholder's heir. It was cited as relevant in a discussion Reverend Sullivan had with some reactionary Steadholders after it became known that Steadholder Harrington had become pregnant. (HH11)

Steadings of Grayson
The original Five Steadings: Bancroft | Burdette | Mackenzie | Mayhew | Yanakov
The later Steadings: Ames | Berylinko | Canseco | Coleman | Denby | Denevski | Elway | Esterhaus | Forchein | Garth | Harrington | Howell | Kelly | Kimbrell | Magruder | Michaelson | Mueller | Oswald | Owens | Prestwick | Redmon | Seneca | Simonds | Strathson | Surtees | Sutherland | Watson

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