The House of Legislators was the original lower house of the Congress of the Republic of Haven.

History Edit

Originally established by the first Constitution of the Republic of Haven, the House of Legislators slowly took control of the Republic's government as it went from a free-market economy to a centralized, state-run system. The process was accelerated in 1771 PD when the House of Legislators was presented with a classified report which predicted the total collapse of the Republic's economy in a period of one hundred years.

The changes made by the DuQuesne Plan to the Constitution included a redefinition of eligibility standards and office qualifications for the House, in addition to giving the House of Legislators the power to refuse seating members which it deemed "personally unfit for public office", regardless of the validity of their elections. In time, these changes transformed the House of Legislators from an elected assembly into a chamber composed of de facto hereditary members of the new oligarchy, called Legislaturalists. (UHH)

In 1905 PD the House of Legislators disappeared[1] with the purges of Legislaturalists after Rob S. Pierre's coup and was replaced by the Committee of Public Safety. The House of Legislators was not re-established when Eloise Pritchart and Admiral Thomas Theisman restored the original Havenite Constitution. Instead, its role as lower house of Congress was assumed by the new House of Representatives. (HH3, HH10)

References Edit

  1. probably dissolved in a legal way

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