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The House of Commons was one of the chambers of the Parliament of the Star Kingdom of Manticore, together with the House of Lords.

Unlike the aristocratic and hereditary House of Lords, the House of Commons was composed of Members of Parliament (MPs) elected by and from the commoner population of the Star Kingdom, thus giving the non-aristocratic majority of the Crown's subjects a say in the government. In fact, the Star Kingdom's Constitution specifically forbade Peers of the Realm to stand for election to the Commons, unless they had previously resigned their titles of nobility.

For elections to the Commons, the planets of the Star Kingdom were divided into constituencies known as "boroughs", with one MP representing each borough.

General elections to the House of Commons took place at least once every four Manticoran years, and could only be delayed during times of war. In the event that a Member of Parliament resigned his or her seat before the following general election, a special by-election was called in his or her borough to replace the resigning MP.

While the Prime Minister was required to come from the Lords and command a majority in said House, other members of the Cabinet could come from the Commons, and in general any Prime Minister tried to cultivate a good relationship with the lower house - and through the Commons, with the general population of the Star Kingdom.

The Commons could initiate legislation and veto bills passed by the Lords, but its legislative powers on matters of budget and appropriations were limited under the Star Kingdom's Constitution, as it conferred the House of Lords exclusive powers of initiation and final approval of finance bills. Conversely, the Commons exerted influence in the House of Lords by the constitutional requirement that any newly-created peerage must be approved by the lower house.

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