This page can a place to compare Honorverse with real universe, can be used for pointing out flaws and incosistencies in authors writing, some which could be considered biased in proper article.

Saganami Island series, book 4: Shadow of Victory Edit

Portrayal of Czech nation in Shadow of Victory Edit

While Weber paints large portions of his novel's setting with a Czech cultural brush, there is cause to take note of major missteps in his attempt to draw correlations between these galactic colonies and the home country.

The book is missing many details of Czech culture and heritage.  Most Czech names of places in the novel are derived from color names and one other random word, names of people are uncommon ones as opposed to traditional proper names and surnames. Almost all Czech words are missing correct attention to Czech declension. Lastly, he places a Czech nation stereo-typically once more in totalitarian hands (for the second time in the Honorverse -- see the short novel, Let's Go To Prague). Together, these details paint a picture that's hard to swallow for some native Czechs.

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