Honorverse – The Online Game was a planned PC-based massively-multiplayer online strategy game developed by Artificial Software. It was to be based on David Weber's Honor Harrington universe and would have allowed players to build their own star nation and engage in interstellar economics, politics, and warfare.

The game, which was to feature a 3D engine to illustrate in-game units and events, never had an official release date. David Weber has not commented on its canonicity.


The last reported activity from the project administrators was in September 2010. Since that time, the forums have been hacked at least three times. The first two incidents were resolved by the actions of diligent players. As of yet, the forums remain hacked.

The inital excitement abated after the hackings and led many in the community to declare the project "vaporware". One fan by the name of "Phalanx" decided to start a fan project to create a game similiar to what Artificial Software has promised.

As of March 2012, the Honorverse website is "for sale."

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