Hillary Palin was a Manticoran engineer, entrepreneur, and politician.

Trained as a nano and materials engineer, she founded the industrial application company Palin, Holder, and Mitchell, Ltd., which specialized in the development of advanced composites and advanced anti-energy weapon armors. It sold its patents to the Royal Manticoran Navy for over seven billion dollars in the early 1850s PD.

In 1853 PD, she was elected to parliament, representing the Borough of South Thule on Sphinx. In 1866 PD, she shifted her party membership from the Liberals to the Centrists due to her disagreement with her old party's stance toward the annexation of the Basilisk System. She won reelection two more times after that.

By the late 1870s PD, Palin[1] had become a political commentator, appearing on talk shows such as Into the Fire. (Companion)

References Edit

  1. Her name is likely an in-joke referring to American politicians Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin.

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