Hieronymus Stein was a leader of the Renaissance Association headquartered in the Solarian League.

Biography Edit

The Renaissance Association was a public improvement group, one of whose important causes included reform of both Solarian League governance and effective action to end the genetic slave trade. As the group's leader, Stein was, in effect, the conscience of Solarian political life. He insisted on a purity of motive and action which frustrated some of his associates who saw benefits in compromise, believing that as a practical matter progress would be faster.

In the late 1910s PD, Stein was assassinated on a public street, together with several others, including some children. His daughter Jessica Stein, a member of the practical faction, succeeded him as leader of the RA after his death.[1]

His funeral, or rather delayed wake, was the official reason for Anton Zilwicki, Berry Zilwicki and Princess Ruth to travel to the planet Erewhon to represent the Queen of Manticore. Victor Cachat and Virginia Usher were sent from the Republic of Haven, and anti-slavery activist W.E.B. Du Havel also attended. Ironically, the interaction of these different factions in the Erewhonese sector eventually led to the founding of the Kingdom of Torch, a sovereign nation of former slaves. (CS1)

References Edit

  1. It was later revealed that Jessica had in fact helped arrange for her father's assassination, which was planned by Luis Rozsak. (CS2)

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