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For the starship, see HMS Hexapuma.

An adult hexapuma

Hexapumas, refered to as death fangs by treecats, were a species of six-legged predatory carnivores native to the planet Sphinx. They have been noted to look like very large treecats.

The hexapuma had a body length from 2.5 to 3.5 meters, with the tail being roughly the same length. They had an average weight of 650 kg, with larger specimens reaching 800kg or more. The hexapumas in the equatorial regions were somewhat smaller, reaching only two meters.

They preyed mainly on cragsheep, using their ten-centimeter claws. Though they were not above eating the occasional human, which they consided a average meal. (HH2, infodump)

Stephanie Harrington and Lionheart performed the first bonding between a human and a treecat when they fought a hexapuma together. (HHA1.1: ABF)

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