The Republic of Haven was composed of a large number of star systems in the galactic north-east of the Solarian League. Most were absorbed into the Republic through conquest.

Member systems Edit

Alto Verde System Conquered
Augusta System
Barnett System
1 (G9)
Cerberus System
Hades Site of the secret Hades Planetary Prison
Chantilly System Vespasien
Clairmont System
Clarke System
1 (G1)
Corrigan System
1 (G6)
Danak System
1 (G8)
Danak Alpha
Danak Beta
Home of Danak System Command, in charge of the Danak Sector
Des Moines System
Fordyce System
Gaston System Toulon Conquered sometime prior to 1856 PD
Gualt System
Hallman System
Haven System Haven Capital system of the Republic
Helmsport System Conquered
Hera System
Jameston System Conquered
Joust System
Karavani System Karavani 5 uninhabited, apart from some mining
La Martine System La Martine Administrative capital of the La Martine Sector
Lannes System
Laramie System
Lorn System
Lovat System
1 (G6)
Site of Operation Sanskrit's Battle of Lovat
Lowell System Conquered
Maastricht System Conquered
MacGregor System
Mathias System Conquered
Michael System
Montague System
Mylar System
New Calcutta System
Owens System
Paroa System Danville
Pegasus System One of the first of the PRH's conquests. Conquered sometime prior to 1846 PD
Prague System Prague Conquered prior to the First Havenite-Manticoran War
Samson System Conquered
Sarawak System Conquered around 1873 PD
Seabring System Site of the First and Second Battle of Seabring
Seaford Nine System
1 (K2)
Captured by RMN, later recaptured during Operation Icarus
Secour System
3 (F9) ( _ ) (M2)
Sheldon System Conquered with the help of Q-ships
Shilo System Home of Shilo System Command, in charge of the Shilo Sector
Slocum System
Solon System Arthur Merlin
Solway System
Squalus System
Suarez System Conquered c1868 PD
Sun-Yat System
Tahlman System Conquered
Tarragon System
Tambourin System One of the earlier PRH conquests
Tequila System uninhabited
Thetis System
Welladay System

Former members Edit

Trevor's Star System San Martin Conquered in the Oct 1883 PD, was later freed and joined the Star Kingdom of Manticore

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