The Harrington Clan was a large family in the Star Kingdom of Manticore, where most of them resided on the planet Sphinx.

History Edit

The Harringtons originally lived on the planet Meyerdahl before moving to the Star Kingdom of Manticore and arriving on the planet Sphinx on August 10, 1517 PD. (HHA1.1: ABF)

They gained some notoriety shortly after their arrival, when Stephanie Harrington discovered the treecats, a sentient species native to the planet. A respected Sphinxian yeoman family for many generations, they became more prominent in the early 20th Century PD, gaining several noble titles like the Earldom and Duchy of Harrington, and the Grayson Steadholdership Harrington, as a result of the actions of Honor Harrington. (HH2, HH9)

The treecats referred to the Harringtons as the "Death Fang's Bane Clan", after the first member who had bonded with a treecat, young Stephanie. The family had one of the highest, or the highest, percentages of treecat adoptions. Compared to other human families, the Harringtons had strong mind-glow, the treecat term for psychic ability. (HHA3.4: CoW, HHA6.4: TBLP)

In February 1922 PD, much of the Harrington Clan was wiped out when the city of Yawata Crossing was completely destroyed by debris from the space station HMSS Vulcan, which had been hit by the Mesan Alignment Navy as part of Operation Oyster Bay. (HH12)

Known Family Members Edit

Historical Family Members Edit

References Edit

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