Harriet Simões was a Mesan citizen and mathematician.

Born around 1860 PD, she was an Alpha line genetically enhanced human, and third-generation prolong recipient, 180 centimeters tall, with black hair and sapphire blue eyes.

A trained mathematician, she was assigned to weapons research at Gamma Center. The Long-Range Planning Board steered her and astrophysicist Herlander Simões together because of the way their genomes complemented one another. They lived in a townhouse in the city of Green Pines.

The couple was given custody of a young Alpha line girl, Francesca, which they were to raise as their own daughter. However, due to the irreversible genetic deterioration of the child, Francesca was put to death, or "culled". The Simões' marriage failed as a result: while Herlander was unable to get over the loss, Harriet was ready to go on with her life, and eventually left him. (CS2)

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