Harold Sukowski
Male civilian
Full Name
Harold Sukowski
Male   Male
Collar Pin RMN Commander and Captain JG Commander (reserve)

Harold Sukowski was a Manticoran citizen, reserve officer of the Royal Manticoran Navy and merchant service officer.

Biography Edit

Sukowski originally pursued a career in the Royal Manticoran Navy and held a reserve commission with the rank of Commander after leaving active service. He served as commanding officer of the Hauptman family's private yacht for a time. During that time, Stacey Hauptman came to see him as something of a surrogate father.

He rose to become the third ranking captain in the Hauptman Cartel, and master of the brand new Hauptman Lines freighter RMMS Bonaventure. Stacey presented him with an antique sextant at the ship's commissioning ceremony, and he in turn made her a supernumerary crew member and keel plate owner of the ship.

In 1908 PD, Bonaventure was attacked by raiders of Andre Warnecke's "privateer squadron" while in the Telmach System of the Silesian Confederacy. As the freighter was neither a match for the raiding vessel, nor capable of evading her, Sukowski ordered the crew to abandon ship to escape capture. He remained aboard. However, his executive officer, Christina Hurlman, disobeyed his orders and remained with him until the ship was captured. The rest of the crew actually escaped and was rescued.[1]

Angry about the small number of hostages, the pirates sawed off Sukowski's right ear. Hurlman came to his defense, but they quickly overwhelmed her and made him watch as they raped her. When one of them came back for more the following night, Sukowski kicked him in the genitals and threatened to kill him, and the pirate captain eventually ordered him and Hurlman to be left alone so they could collect the ransom the Hauptman Cartel offered for any of its employees who was taken by pirates. He was then forced to work in the engineering section of their ship.

Sukowski and Hurlman were rescued four months later by PNS Vaubon when it captured the pirate, and were returned to Manticore after the Havenite cruiser was itself taken by HMAMC Wayfarer, a Manticoran Q-ship commanded by Honor Harrington.

Captain Sukowski was instrumental in locating the drifting wreckage of the Wayfarer after her deception of pursuing PNS vessels and distraction of them from the damaged Hauptman passenger liner Artemis, and her subsequent engagement with a People's Navy battlecruiser. As a result the survivors of the action were taken aboard RMMS Artemis and made their way back to Manticore. (HH6)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Commander (Reserve Commission)

References Edit

  1. News of Bonaventure's disappearance was one of the reasons Klaus Hauptman set out for Silesia to closely supervise their interests and the major reason his daughter Stacy insisted on going with him.

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