Hancock Station was a large Royal Manticoran Navy military base in the Hancock System. In the initial period of the First Manticoran-Havenite War the forces assigned to it were responsible for the protection of the Zanzibar, Alizon, and Yorik systems.

History Edit

In the early 1904 PD, the station's expansion was undertaken by Commodore Mark Sarnow. Through Commodore Sarnow's supervision, the repair yards and other orbital facilities were completed ahead of schedule. Due his leadership, Sarnow was promoted to Rear Admiral and Admiral of the Green Sir Yancey Parks was placed in command of the station due to its much larger size.

The station was the object of the People's Navy's attempt to gain a quick, decisive victory against the Star Kingdom of Manticore. However, the RMN was able to defend the system and the station in the First Battle of Hancock. (HH3)

The system was once again attacked during the Havenite Operation Icarus in 1913 PD. The Second Battle of Hancock once again turned into a decisive Manticoran Alliance victory because of the fortuitous presence of Manticore's new secret LAC carrier, HMS Minotaur, and the incompetence of the Havenite acting commander, Rear Admiral Ron Porter.[1] (HH8, HH9)

Senior officer Edit

References Edit

  1. After the death of Rear Admiral Jane Kellet, he ordered Task Force 12.3 to scatter. This allowed Minotaur's LACs to pick off the enemy ships one by one.

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