Haldane was a resort town in the hills east of Mendel on the planet Mesa.

It was a relatively small community of individual houses and cottages, many created as a deliberate escape from the huge residential towers of the inner cities. The permanent population was just about 2,5000, but there were again that many people from Mesas upper classes visiting on any given day. A large part of the town's popularity came from the anonymity it offered even to the more prominent members of society; its hotels wiped their electronic ledgers every morning.

In mid-1922 PD, Haldane was completely destroyed by a 45-kilotons nuclear blast that was said to be an Audubon Ballroom terrorist attack, but was in fact part of the Mesan Alignment's Operation Houdini: a number of the Alignment members who officially died there had actually been taken off-world earlier. The detonation also wiped out every trace of the control center from which much of the operation was conducted. (CS3)

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