Haicheng Ringstorff
Male civilian
Full Name
Haicheng Ringstorff
Male   Male
Colonel (ret.)

Haicheng Ringstorff was an Andermani citizen and an officer of the Imperial Marines who became an employee of Manpower Inc. of Mesa.

Biography Edit

Before 1893 PD[1] he reached the rank of Colonel and held a regimental command. The authorities became aware of irregularities in his regimental finances and, because of his excellent combat record, permitted him to resign. Despite the fact that there had been no official investigation or prosecution, Ringstorff's career in the Andermani Empire was finished. With no future in the Empire, Ringstorff found lucrative employment with Manpower.

In 1918 PD he was the commanding officer of a Mesan-crewed depot ship in the Tiberian System, near the Republic of Erewhon, and served as the head of a secret Manpower operation in the region. The operation failed after the four Solarian-built Gladiator-class heavy cruisers, crewed by Silesian pirates, were destroyed by Captain Michael Oversteegen and the HMS Gauntlet in the Battle of Tiberian. The goal of the operation was to "encourage" Erewhon to leave the Manticoran Alliance and gain access, for Technodyne Industries, to the advanced Manticoran technology used by the Erewhon Navy. (HHA4.6: TSotS)

In 1919 PD Ringstorff was in charge of all Mesan covert operations in Erewhonese space. He was captured by Thandi Palane's Amazons and interrogated by Republic of Haven agent Victor Cachat, revealing information about his past covert activities. Some of that information led to the Audubon Ballroom attack on the Congo System and the foundation of the Kingdom of Torch. (CS1)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Colonel

Posts Edit

  • Regiment Commander

References Edit

  1. In 1918 PD, he had worked for Manpower for 25 T-years.

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