HMS War Maiden
HMS War Maiden CA-39
Class Warrior
Type Heavy cruiser
Affiliation Star Kingdom of Manticore
In Service 1842 PD

HMS War Maiden (CA-39) was a Warrior-class heavy cruiser of the Royal Manticoran Navy.

History Edit

War Maiden was originally commissioned in 1842 PD.

In 1878 PD, following a refit after thirty-six years of service, War Maiden was assigned to anti-piracy duties in the Silesian Confederacy. During her shakedown, Midshipwoman Honor Harrington served aboard for her Midshipman cruise. (HHA3.1: MMH)

Known Crewmembers Edit

Naval Officers Edit

Senior Officers:

Junior Officers:


Naval Enlisted Edit

Marine Officers Edit

  • Major Katingo McKinley – Commanding Officer, Marine Detachment
  • Lieutenant Blackburn

Marine Enlisted Edit

  • Sergeant Major Kutkin
  • Sergeant Tausig
  • Corporal Carras
  • Janssen

References Edit

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