HMS Phobos was an experimental sloop of the Manticoran Patrol and Rescue Service.

History Edit

Phobos and her sister ship, HMS Deimos, were created by splitting the hull of the battlecruiser HMS Mars in two and remodeling each part into a functional starship of its own. The project was the brain child of a group of politicians calling themselves the Committee for Military Sanity.

The vessel was destroyed during her maiden voyage in 1532 PD, when it broke to pieces due do harmonic stress on the hull. All of its 130 crewmembers were killed, causing much grief and a major scandal back on Manticore. (MA1)

When the final report about the catastrophe was handed in, Defense Minister Lord Dapplelake took responsibility and resigned from his office, against the expressed wishes of king and the Prime Minister. (MA2)

Known crewmembers Edit

Officers Edit

Enlisted Edit

References Edit

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