HMS Onslaught
Redoubtable class 01
Class Redoubtable
Type Battlecruiser
Affiliation Royal Manticoran Navy
In Service 19041905 PD

HMS Onslaught was a Redoubtable-class battlecruiser of the Royal Manticoran Navy.

History Edit

At one point, the ship was in the Minette System for a joint exercise with the local military. A company of Onslaught's marine detachment was on the surface of the planet Everest when a coup attempt erupted in the capital city. Captain Jason Haupper deployed the rest of his Marines to defend the rightful government and hold the local spaceport while the forces involved in the exercise took the rebels from the rear, ending the coup. (JIR1)

In early 1905 PD, the Onslaught was sent to Hancock Station. The ship was commanded by Captain (SG) Rubenstein and formed part of Battlecruiser Squadron 5's fourth division. Its sensors and communication sections were heavily damaged in the First Battle of Hancock, preventing Rubenstein from taking command of the squadron when Rear Admiral Sarnow was incapacitated. (HH3)

Known Crewmembers Edit

Naval Officers Edit

  • Captain (SG) Rubenstein – Commanding Officer (1905 PD)

References Edit

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