HMS Nike
Nike class
Class Nike
Type Battlecruiser
Affiliation Star Empire of Manticore
In Service 20th Century PD

HMS Nike (BC-562) was the lead ship of the Royal Manticoran Navy's eponymous class of battlecruisers.

History Edit

It was designed by Admiral Anton Toscarelli's Bureau of Ships at the same time as the development of the Edward Saganami-C-class heavy cruisers. After BC-413 was decommissioned, the honored name Nike was given to the first ship of the new class.[1] (HH11, SI2)

Captain Michael Oversteegen took command of the ship, bringing along several members of his bridge crew from his previous ship, the heavy cruiser HMS Gauntlet. (HH11)

Service Record Edit

Naval Officers Edit

References Edit

  1. BC-413 later re-entered service under the name Hancock Station.
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