HMS L'Imperieuse was a destroyer of the Royal Manticoran Navy. She was called "old Imp" by her crew.

Service record Edit

She was sent to the Solarian League space before the First Havenite-Manticoran War. The ship was destroyed by the Havenite heavy cruiser PNS Rienzi in a treacherous surprise attack in the Air System. Two of the ships cutters with survivors and lifeboats were also destroyed by the Havenites.

The pinnace with thirty-seven saved crewmembers was taken to the planet Hope by the neutral merchant ship Jerobahm. They all volunteered to crew HMS Ajax (the lent Melungeon Navy vessel Colonel Arabi) under the command of Hakon Nessler, Earl of Greatgap. (HHA1.2: AGT)

Technical specifications Edit

Small crafts on the ship: a pinnace and two cutters.[1]

Crew Edit

Naval Commissioned Officers Edit

  • Commanding Officer, called "Captain"[2]
  • Lieutenant Gedrosian, Executive Officer †
  • Lieutenant Arlemont, Chief Engineering Officer †

Naval Enlisted Edit

Survivors of the ship's destruction:

References Edit

  1. None of the destroyer classes described in Jayne's, Vol. 1 (1905 PD) was equipped with such a small number of small crafts
  2. Likely a Lieutenant Commander with lieutenants as senior officers. (JIR1)
  3. It is not certain if Yeoman was just a basic enlisted rank in David Drake's concept; there was another unnamed Yeoman described during repair works.

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