HMS Hydra (CLAC-19) was a Minotaur-class LAC carrier of the Royal Manticoran Navy.

Technical data Edit

The ship had several design differences compared to the RMN's first LAC carrier, HMS Minotaur. She had slightly less tonnage and slightly less magazine space for her shipboard launchers. However, she did carry 112 LACs, all of them Shrike-B and Ferret-class.

Hydra was assigned to Carrier Squadron 3 as the senior ship for Division Two, and carried the 19th LAC wing. (HH9)

Assigned LACs Edit

LAC Wing 19 - Commander Prescott Tremaine, COLAC:

  • LAC Squadron 1901 - Commander Prescott Tremaine commanding, flagship - LAC-1901 - HMLAC Bad Penny (Hydra One)
  • LAC Squadron 1902
  • LAC Squadron 1903
  • LAC Squadron 1904
  • LAC Squadron 1905
  • LAC Squadron 1906 - Commander Robert Roden commanding, flagship - LAC-1961 - HMLAC Cutthroat (Hydra Six)
  • LAC Squadron 1907
  • LAC Squadron 1908
  • LAC Squadron 1909

Known Crewmembers Edit

Naval Officers Edit

  • Captain Adib – Commanding Officer

Naval Officers (LAC) Edit

  • Commander Prescott Tremaine – COLAC, CO, 1901st LAC Squadron, HMLAC LAC-1901
  • Commander Robert Roden – Commanding Officer, 1906th LAC Squadron, HMLAC LAC-1961
  • Lieutenant Kirios Steinbach – Executive Officer, HMLAC LAC-1961
  • Lieutenant Joe Buckley – Tactical Officer, HMLAC LAC-1961
  • Lieutenant Eugene Nordbrandt – Communications Officer, HMLAC LAC-1901
  • Lieutenant (JG) Olivia Cukor – Sensor Officer, HMLAC LAC-1961
  • Lieutenant (JG) Kelly Gilley – Astrogation Officer, HMLAC LAC-1961
  • Ensign Audrey Pyne – Tactical Officer, HMLAC LAC-1901

Warrant Officers Edit

  • Chief Warrant Officer Sir Horace Harkness – Chief Engineer, LAC Wing 19, LAC Squadron 1901, Engineer, HMLAC LAC-1901

Naval Enlisted (LAC) Edit

  • Petty Officer First Class Bolgeo – Engineer, HMLAC LAC-1961
  • Petty Officer Second Class Mark Paulk – Helmsman, HMLAC LAC-1961
  • Petty Officer Third Class Luke Thiele – Assistant Engineer, HMLAC LAC-1961 LAC-1961
  • Petty Officer Gary Shelton – Electronic Warfare Specialist, HMLAC LAC-1961 LAC-1961

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