HMS Duke of Cromarty was a modified Agamemnon-class battlecruiser of the Royal Manticoran Navy that served as a royal yacht for Queen Elizabeth III.

History Edit

Construction Edit

The regular battlecruiser hull that would become the Duke of Cromarty had already been laid down by the time the previous yacht, HMS Queen Adrienne, was destroyed by Masadan terrorists in 1915 PD. Determined not to allow a similar incident to happen again, the new High Ridge government ordered a warship to be converted into the next Royal yacht.

On the suggestion of First Lord of the Admirality Edward Janacek, the armored forward bulkhead of its pod core was moved further aft, cutting the ship's missile supply in half, in order to create space for state passenger cabins, conference rooms, and even a formal ballroom. Otherwise, the Duke of Cromarty was a fully capable warship with state-of-the-art weapons, defences, and electronic warfare capability. (HH9, Infodump)

Service Edit

When HMS Hexapuma and HMS Warlock returned to the Manticore System after the successful yet costly Battle of Monica, they were greeted by the Home Fleet in Coronation Day formation, in the presence of the queen aboard Duke of Cromarty. (SI1)

Known crewmembers Edit

Naval Officers Edit

References Edit

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