HMS Charles Ward (FSV-39) was a David Taylor-class fast combat support vessel of the Royal Manticoran Navy.

Most of its original senior officers died aboard HMSS Hephaestus when it was destroyed by the Mesan Alignment Navy. It was nicknamed 'CW' by its crew. (SI4)

Assigned LACs Edit

  • HMLAC Nożownik
  • HMLAC Raven
  • HMLAC Parasol

Known CrewmembersEdit

Naval personnel Edit

Commissioned officers:

  • Captain Joanna Whitby † - Commanding Officer - until February 1922
  • Captain (JG) Ginger Lewis - Commanding Officer - after February 1922
  • Commander Fred Hairston - Executive Officer - after February 1922
  • Commander Kumanosuke Lawson - Chief Engineering Officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Dimitri Nakhimov - Astrogation Officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Raymond Atkins - Tactical Officer
  • Surgeon Lieutenant Sying-ni Masserelli
  • Lieutenant Traxton Sughavanam - Communications Officer
  • Lieutenant Yolande Cornelisz - Electronic Warfare Officer
  • Lieutenant Oliver Primikynos - Logistics Officer
  • Lieutenant (JG) Burgulya Gödert - Assistant Tactical Officer
  • Ensign Paulo d'Arezzo - Junior Tactical Officer


  • Midshipwoman Paula Rafferty

LAC Detachment-FSV-39

  • Lieutenant Benjamin Marsden - Senior LAC Commander, CO HMLAC Nożownik
  • Ensign Jethro Sanders
  • Lieutenant Rhonda Mallard - CO HMLAC Raven


  • Master Chief Petty Officer Elijah Tebo - Bosun - until February 1922
  • Master Chief Petty Officer Aubrey Wanderman – Bosun
  • Senior Chief Petty Officer Gareth Yamaguchi - Yeoman
  • Chief Petty Officer Angelina Dreyfus - Helmswoman
  • Chief Petty Officer Houseman - Quartermaster
  • Steward's Mate 1/c Jared Pallavicini - Captain's Steward

Marine personnel Edit


  • Simpkins

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