HMS Apollo
Apollo class
Class Apollo
Type Light cruiser
Affiliation Star Kingdom of Manticore
In Service 1851 PD

HMS Apollo was the lead ship of eponymous class of light cruisers in the Royal Manticoran Navy.

History Edit

The ship was built in 1851 PD by the Jordan Cartel. (Companion)

In 1903 PD, Apollo was under the command of Commander Alice Truman, escorting a convoy to the Casca System. HMS Fearless, HMS Apollo, and HMS Troubadour returned to the Yeltsin's Star System, when they were intercepted by a trio of unknown LACs, which fired missiles at the RMN vessels. Troubadour was damaged, but Fearless with Apollo finished off the rest of the incoming missiles. Apollo then went to Grayson with the other starships. Apollo was chosen to go get reinforcements from the RMN, after the reconnaissance drones were deployed because of the battle damage.

In the beginning of the Battle of Blackbird, Apollo flew in a wedge formation with Fearless and Troubadour with the Grayson vessels occupying the edges. Apollo and Troubadour took on the incoming missiles that got through Fearless counter-missile barrage. MNS Principality went after Apollo, which was heavily damaged. After Principality took a beating from Troubadour, Apollo and Fearless pounded the Havenite vessel into a wreck. Apollo had almost two hundred killed and wounded. The port broadside lasers were down to one, and the starboard sidewall was beyond repair by local resources.

Apollo was ordered to go back to Manticoran space, and send for reinforcements. Before leaving, the ship gave a spare set of Marine armor to the Marine detachment on the Fearless. Mercedes Brigham and Mai-ling Jackson were placed in Apollo's sickbay, so they can return home. Many of the squadron's more serious wounded officers and crew members were placed in the ship's wardroom, mess, and other places.

Looking to summon reinforcements more quickly, Commander Truman ordered her engineers to remove the safety interlocks from the hyper generators, allowing Apollo to climb nearly to the Iota band, shaving thirty hours off her travel time to Manticore.

Apollo was placed in dry-dock, and Lieutenant Commander Ellen Prevost, the ship's first officer, was placed in charge of repairing the vessel after Commander Truman went with the relief force sent to Grayson. (HH2)

After the repairs were completed, Commander Andreas Venizelos succeeded Truman as captain of the ship. (HH4)

Known Crewmembers Edit

Naval Officers Edit

References Edit

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