Shrike class Tech Specs 1


HMLAC Harpy was a Shrike-class light attack craft of the Royal Manticoran Navy, assigned to the carrier HMS Minotaur.

History Edit

Harpy was the personal ship of Captain Jacquelyn Harmon, HMS Minotaur's COLAC. It saw action in the Second Battle of Hancock, where it was able to inflict serious damage on enemy vessels, but was in the end destroyed by graser fire from the enemy flagship, PNS Schaumberg. Captain Harmon and her entire crew were killed. (HH8)

Known Crewmembers Edit

Naval Officers Edit

  • Captain (JG) Jacquelyn Harmon – Commanding Officer
  • Lieutenant Michael Gearman – Chief Engineer
  • Ensign Thomas – Tactical Officer
  • Ernest Takahashi – Helmsman

References Edit

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