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HMLAC Cutthroat

HMLAC Cutthroat

HMLAC Cutthroat, officially designated Hydra Six, was a Shrike-B-class light attack craft of the Royal Manticoran Navy.

History Edit

Assigned to the LAC carrier HMS Hydra's 1906th LAC Squadron, the vessel was commanded by Commander Robert Roden. It was destroyed by the People's Navy in the Battle of MacGregor, leaving no survivors. (HH9)

Known Crewmembers Edit

Naval Officers Edit

Naval Enlisted Edit

  • Petty Officer Second Class Mark Paulk – Helmsman
  • Petty Officer Third Class Luke Thiele – Assistant Engineer
  • Petty Officer Sam Smith – Electronic Warfare Specialist
  • Petty Officer Gary Shelton – Communications Officer

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