Gustav XI
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Gustav Anderman XI
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Gustav XI was the Emperor of the Andermani Empire in the late 19th and early 20th Century PD.

Family Edit

He was the head of the House of Anderman, and had a younger brother, Prince Huang. Chien-lu Anderman, the Duke of Rabenstrange, was his first cousin. (HH6)

At the time of the Hofschulte Incident, he had not fathered a male child.[1] (CS3)

Biography Edit

After nephew Jwei-shwan, Prince Huang's youngest son, was killed in an assassination attempt by Lieutenant Colonel Gregor Hofschulte, Gustav XI decreed that no person except members of the Totenkopf Hussars Regiment was allowed to carry weapons of any kind in the presence of a member of the Imperial family. (HH6, HH10)

When the Republic of Haven won the offensive in the Second Havenite-Manticoran War, Emperor Gustav threw the Imperial Andermani Navy into the war on the Manticoran side, once again changing the balance of power. (HH10)

References Edit

  1. His brother's son was the second in line to the throne, indicating the emperor had no male heir of his own.

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