Gustav VI was a descendant of Gustav Anderman and Emperor of the Andermani Empire.

As a semi-absolute monarchy whose first Emperor thought he was a reincarnation of Frederick the Great, the Empire had considerable tolerance for the quirks of its rulers. Even by those standards, Gustav VI went over the line. His habit for talking to his favorite rose bush was well-known, but when he tried to appoint it Chancellor of the Empire[1], he was quietly removed from office. As a childless only son, he was ultimately succeeded by the oldest of his three sisters, who had herself legally declared a man by the Imperial Council, preventing a possible war for the throne. (HH6)

References Edit

  1. This is similar to the ancient Roman emperor Caligula, who tried to have his horse appointed to the Senate.

Preceded by
Andermani Emperor
( - PD)
Succeeded by
Gustav VII

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