The Guadalcanal class[1] was a class of Marine heavy assault transports, used by the Royal Manticoran Navy in the 19th and 20th Century PD.

The prefix of this class was LTH (Assault Transport, Heavy).

Origins and design notes Edit

These ships were designed to transport large contingents of Royal Manticoran Marines, should the need for large-scale planetary assault or humanitarian operation arise. The class was built on superdreadnought-size hulls, with capability to transport a whole RMMC Brigade (three Regiments) of 6,801 Marines, along with RMN support personnel and an complement of RMA Atmospheric Command's stingships for atmospheric and near-space support. (infodump)

Along with the Rorke's Drift class, this class was to be replaced with an unnamed class of attack transports, known only as LPX (Attack Transport, Experimental), which was still in the state of design study as of 1920 PD. (Companion)

Known ships of the class Edit

All ships of this class are named after amphibious operations which took place in 20th Century CE on Old Earth.

References Edit

  1. The class was named after Battle of Guadalcanal, which took place on Old Earth in year 1942-1943 CE.

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