The Gryphon Uprising of 1721 PD was the only armed internal conflict in the history of the Star Kingdom of Manticore.


Gryphon, the least habitable planet of the Manticore System, and last to be colonized, had the lowest portion of the primary shareholders of all three inhabited planets, as the first colony on Gryphon was established fifteen years after the Manticoran Plague ravaged Manticore and Sphinx.

The core of the local aristocracy was made up of secondary shareholders, whose estates were often much smaller than those belonging to primary shareholders. The Crown, in order of to support immigration, declared the Crown's Range Charter in 1490 PD, stating that after reaching a stated population number, the district would be divided between the colonists. Until then, the colonists would sublet the soil for free, as public property.

The required population was reached in 1715 PD and the Crown began to divide the range and assign titles of nobility. Everyone gained a portion of land, whose size depended how much the land had been improved.

However, the yeomen, hopeful about becoming independent cattle breeders, farmers, or miners, were complaining about the planetary aristocracy. Claims of bribery, coercion, threats, and violence were reported, all of which was aimed at expanding a noble's claim at the expense of another's. For two years, shooting incidents[1] ran rampant. (UHH, Companion)

Government interventionEdit

After two years, a special committee was formed to investigate the situation. The committee's findings proved most of the yeomen's complaints to be true and, after pacifying the planet using units of the Royal Manticoran Army, oversaw a strictly regulated privatization of the district. (UHH, Companion)


  1. The incident was somewhat similar to the Lincoln County War of 1878 CE on Old Earth.

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