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The Grendelsbane System was an uninhabited star system located between Manticore, Haven and Erewhon. (HH3)

Mentions Edit

  • Admiral Lucien Cortez referred to it as a foreign system (HH6)
  • RMN Station was lost in 1919 PD, but a star nation nor a planet not mentioned - no allied systems were lost then[1] (HH10)

Grendelsbane Station Edit

Grendelsbane Station, a large RMN base and fleet yards, was established some time before 1905 PD and destroyed in 1919 PD in the Battle of Grendelsbane. (HH10)


  1. Moreover, in Jayne's the Grendelsbane System, like the Hancock System, were marked with a red star, which is probably a symbol for uninhabited system with a red dwarf primary.

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