Grendelsbane Station was a Royal Manticoran Navy duty station and shipyard that was established in the Grendelsbane System some time prior to 1905 PD.

The Station was supported by the second largest Manticoran fleet yard, expanding to over 50,000 Manticoran personnel in 1919 PD. Its shipyards and other orbital facilities were destroyed with nuclear devices in 1919 PD during the Havenite Operation Thunderbolt. The loss of the system was the final blow that led Michael Janvier, Baron High Ridge, to resign from the office of prime minister. (HH3, HH10)

When they came to Manticore to propose the Grand Alliance, President Eloise Pritchart and Secretary of War Thomas Theisman repatriated all 42,000 of Grendelsbane's shipyard workers, who had since the station's destruction been POWs of the Republic's Navy, as a unilateral decision as an olive branch in her attempt to end the war. (HH13)

Senior OfficersEdit

Task Force Grendelsbane Edit

1907 PD Edit

  • some ships of the wall, including probably 5 small superdreadnoughts[1]
  • a battlecruiser element[2]


1919 PD Edit

See: Battle of Grendelsbane

Orbital facilities as of 1919 PD Edit

  • construction yards
  • reclamation yards
  • fabrication centers
  • orbital smelters
  • stores stations
  • orbital magazines
  • the huge hydrogen farm
  • sensor platforms and relays
  • System Control's modern command station

Lost ships under construction Edit

Admirall Higgins had to destroy almost 670 million tons of new construction (92 capital ships):

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References Edit

  1. half-again the strength of either of forces present on Havenite southern flank, in the Solway and Treadway Systems
  2. some heavy battlecruiser force was sent from Grendelsbane to support Dorcas System during Havenite Operation Stalking Horse

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