Gregory Paxton
Male civilian
Full Name
Gregory Paxton
Male   Male
Captain (ret.)
Director of Sword Intelligence (ret.)

Gregory "Greg" Paxton was a Grayson citizen, a retired officer of the Grayson Space Navy, and politician.

Biography Edit

Paxton was a very well educated man, holding doctorates in history, religion and economics.[1] He resigned the Austin Grayson Chair of History at Mayhew University and the chairmanship of the Grayson Society to accept the commission on Admiral Honor Harrington's staff as her intelligence officer. He had previously been on the Grayson General Staff and was still holding a reserve commission as Lieutenant Commander. (HH5)

He was promoted to the rank of Captain in 1911 PD. (HH7)

On Chancellor Henry Prestwick's invitation, he retired from the Navy and became the director of Sword Intelligence in the late 1910s PD. (HH10)

He retired from the position in 1920 PD. (Companion)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Captain

Posts Edit

  • Staff Intelligence Officer

References Edit

  1. At one point, he trained Jasper Mayhew.

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