Gregor Hofschulte was an Andermani citizen and officer of the Imperial Andermani Army.

A veteran of almost thirty T-years, Lieutenant Colonel Hofschulte was considered loyal and no danger for the higher circles of Andermani society, until what should go down in history as the Hofschulte Incident occured: With absolutely no warning, Hofschulte drew a sidearm and opened fire on Prince Huang, Emperor Gustav XI's younger brother, and his family. The prince and his wife survived the attack, but their youngest son, Jwei-shwan, was killed before their bodyguards shot and killed Hofschulte.

Several members of Andermani security believe Hofschulte had been "adjusted" to commit the crime; some believed Mesa to have been involved. As a result of the Hofschulte Incident, no person was allowed armed in the presence of members of the Imperial family. (HH10, HH11)

The belief that Hofschulte had been "adjusted" was later confirmed when high ranking board members of Manpower Incorporated discussed future plans in which they referred to the use of what they called "rat poison" and mentioned that nanites were involved. They also referred to the Hofschulte Incident as one out of several field tests that had been performed. (HH11)

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