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The Grayson Space Navy (GSN) was the space force and main military branch of the Protectorate of Grayson.

Prior to the Protectorate's alliance with the Star Kingdom of Manticore, the GSN was primarily a system defense force equipped largely with light attack craft, but became a considerable navy during the course of the First Havenite-Manticoran War.

Its naval prefix was GNS.[1]

History Edit

The Grayson Space Navy was officially created by Protector Adrian on November 1, 1675 PD. He reformed the previous Grayson Space Guard in order to make it more effective in countering attacks by the enemy Navy of Masada. (Companion)

At the turn of the 20th Century PD, the GSN's energy weapons were considered pitiful, and their point defense missile technology still used reaction drives. Their smallest impeller missile massed over a hundred and twenty tons, which was fifty-percent more than their Royal Manticoran Navy counterpart.

The GSN of 1903 PD did not have the technology to replace a Manticoran Alpha impeller node, and could only partially repair a Beta node. On the other hand, their impeller technology was almost on par with the RMN's. Their Warshawski sails were far cruder, which meant that Grayson vessels could only reach the middle gamma band.

Technologically, GSN naval units used printed circuitry, reaction drive countermissiles, and titanium alloys for ship hulls. Furthermore, the warheads used did not have laser heads, instead requiring direct hits to inflict damage. Grayson LACs tended to be slightly larger and tougher than their Masadan counterparts.

GSN vacuum suits around 1903 PD were bulkier and less advanced than their Manticoran counterparts. (HH2)

By 1904 PD, GSN-designed inertial compensators were being implemented by the Royal Manticoran Navy. (HH3)

Notable EventsEdit

Second Grayson-Masadan War Edit

See: Second Grayson-Masadan War

First Havenite-Manticoran War Edit

Second Havenite-Manticoran War Edit

Organization Edit

Leadership Edit

The civilian superior of the GSN was the Navy Minister, a member of the Protector's Council; the senior uniformed officer was called the High Admiral. Another important position in the GSN command was the Chief of Naval Staff.

In 1903 PD, the Navy Minister was Long, and the Chief of Naval Staff was Admiral Stephens.

High Admirals:

Departments Edit

Unlike the RMN, the Grayson military had its own Chaplains Corps. (HH5)

Human resources Edit

After the Second Grayson-Masadan War of 1903 PD, only three GSN captains survived[2] Even in 1907 PD there were only two officers with experience concerning command of squadron-level units: These were Admirals Matthews and Garret. (HH5)


Interpretation of a GSN uniform on the Czech cover of Flag in Exile

With Honor Harrington as an example, women were admitted to the service from around 1903 PD onwards; this mandated some changes, including female uniforms (see below) and the stocking of menstrual control nanites. (GNLH)

Uniform Edit

The color of the Grayson naval uniform was blue on blue, specifically sky-blue tunic and dark-blue trousers. (HHA4.6: TSotS)

The ranks of Commodore and Admiral had separate uniforms with the rank insignia on the collar. A full admiral wore four six-pointed stars.

Reservist officer's cuff rings were edged in white. (HH5)

Following the admission of the first women to the service, regulations allowed full skirts for the dress uniform, and split skirts for undress uniform. Baseball caps with GSN logos were also used during that time. (GNLH)

Development Edit

  • state of 1903 PD - tonnage: 0,84 MT: 3 CL, 4 DD, 11+ LAC - 1 CL and 4 DD destroyed in 1903 PD (HH2)
  • 1905 PD - tonnage: 126 MT, including 11 SD (before refit) and 4 BC (HH4)
  • 1907 PD - 11 SD, no more than 37 BC - 1 SD and 6 BC destroyed in 1907 PD
  • 1909 PD
  • 1914 PD
  • 1920 PD

1905 PD Edit

1907 PD Edit

1911 PD Edit

The GSN was referred as second in strength in the Manticoran Alliance, bigger than the Erewhon Navy:

Protector's Own Edit

The Protector's Own Squadron was created in 1915 PD around a core of captured Havenite vessels and personnel escaped from Hades planetary prison. In 1920 PD, it was equipped with modern Grayson platforms, as had been planned since at least 1915 PD. (HH8, HH10)

See: Protector's Own

1919-1921 PD Edit

The GSN strength as of 1920 PD: 115 SD(P), 90 SD (30 in active duty), 24 CLAC, 40 BC(P), 60 BC (32 in active duty), 60 CA, 40 CL, 20 DD. (infodump)

The margin of security for the Yeltsin's Star System was referred to in 1921 PD in connection with support for the RMN Third Fleet in the Trevor's Star System:

1922 PD Edit

In mid-1922 PD, the Grayson Space Navy took part in the Second Battle of Manticore against the Solarian League Navy. The expeditionary force under the command of Admiral Judah Yanakov consisted of two task forces of the Grayson Space Navy and the Protector's Own. (HH13)

Other information Edit

  • The GSN used green as the color of its ships' access tube grab bars.
  • Pre-alliance GSN vessels did not carry Marine complements.[6]
  • The GSN started to devote one officer slot at a tactical unit staff for Electronics Officer, responsible exclusively for coordinating an entire squadron's or task force's electronic warfare systems. The RMN placed this responsibility under the domain of the Operations Officer. (HH7)
  • After joining the Manticoran Alliance, Protector Benjamin IX decreed that six years service in the GSN conferred automatic Grayson citizenship, as an incentive to Alliance members who were transferred to the GSN.[7] (HH9)
  • Unlike in the RMN, the dividing line between being "on board" one ship or another (including space stations) connected by docking tube was somewhere in the middle of the tube. Each "end" of the tube was considered the domain of the ship it was connected to. This meant that when one arrived in the boat bay and asked permission to come aboard a Grayson vessel, one was technically already "aboard". (HHA4.6: TSotS)
  • Honor Harrington was widely considered by GSN personnel to be the unofficial Patron Saint of the modern Grayson Space Navy. (HH8)

References Edit

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