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The Grayson Navy Letters Home are a set of Honorverse content created by Joelle Presby and Thomas Pope. They have the form of letters written home from a young female officer of the Grayson Space Navy between October 1921 PD and April 1922 PD.

They were published on the Baen website in early 2012.

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In late 1921 PD, Suleia Rustin begins to post a number of letters from her sister on a private forum. In them, Ensign Cecelie Rustin tells of her first months aboard the Grayson destroyer GNS Manasseh, her work as part of a laser gun crew, and her ship's visit to a Masadan space station.

Her letters take a more serious turn when news of the destruction of Blackbird Base (as part of the Mesan Alignment's Operation Oyster Bay) arrives early the next year, and Cecelie's ship is reassigned. She informs Suleia that she will not be visiting, and that her sister should not join the Navy since someone needs to take care of the family back home.

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The events in the letters are largely identical to the ones described in the short story "Obligated Service", also written by Presby and published in the sixth Worlds of Honor anthology, Beginnings. In that story, Ensign Rustin is a minor character, as it is told from the perspective of the other female officer aboard the ship, Claire Bedlam Lecroix.

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