Grayson Command Central was the main headquarters of the Grayson Space Navy on the surface of the planet Grayson.

It was composed of a very large main room, the size of which impressed even Captain Honor Harrington of the Royal Manticoran Navy. Old-style printers and other outdated technology were used there until the alliance with Manticore came into effect.

History Edit

In 1903 PD, Admiral Raoul Courvosier and High Admiral Bernard Yanakov went to Command Central, when vessels from Masada entered into Grayson space. HMS Madrigal was able to tie into the Command Central's network.

When Command Central picked up HMS Fearless' hyper footprint, Ambassador Anthony Langtry sent a message to the Fearless to warn them about Masada.

The new High Admiral, Leon Garret, decided to spend his time at Command Central to monitor the situation. Garrett was put in charge of ground troops, while Commodore Wesley Matthews was placed in command of the spaceborne elements.

Captain Harrington visited Command Central with Commanders Alice Truman and Alistair McKeon. They were greeted by Commodore Walter Brentworth, who showed them the way to Admiral Garret's office. (HH2)

References Edit

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