The Grand Fleet was a large operational unit of Havenite, Manticoran, and Grayson warships, created as a result of the formation of the Grand Alliance and as a direct response to the threat of a full-scale war with the Solarian League.

Name Edit

The designation "Grand Fleet" was suggested by Havenite President Eloise Pritchart as a way to avoid submerging any of its constituent fleets into subunits of some foreign fleet. (HH13)

History Edit

The Grand Fleet was established shortly before the Solarian League Navy's Eleventh Fleet arrived in Manticoran territory in June 1922 PD. Fleet Admiral Honor Harrington was assigned as its first commanding officer.

Almost seventy percent of the Havenite Capital Fleet's wall of battle was reassigned to the Grand Fleet, which soon saw action in the Second Battle of Manticore. In that engagement, it destroyed 296 Solarian League Navy superdreadnoughts and damaged over a hundred more, killing about 1.2 million SLN servicemembers, while its own losses were limited to eleven damaged ships, a number of destroyed light attack craft, and about 2,000 dead. (HH13)

Organization Edit

See: Second Battle of Manticore#Order of battle

References Edit

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