Project Gram was a top secret military development program started by the Royal Manticoran Navy in the second half of the 19th Century PD on the initiative of King Roger III. It was helmed by Captain Jonas Adcock. Roger Winton, Sebastian D'Orville, Hamish Alexander and Sonja Hemphill all participated in Project Gram at one point or another.

It was named by King Roger for the sword with which Sigurd slew the dragon Fafnir in ancient Norse mythology. In the legend, the blade was forged by Wayland the Smith, after whom the space station Weyland, aboard which the project was based, was named.

Technologies developed during or based on the work of Project Gram included the laser head, missile pod and the multi-drive missile.

The counterintelligence operation Shell Game was designed to keep Gram secret. (Companion)

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