The Gideon was a human colony ship that brought the Church of Humanity Unchained settlers from Earth to the planet Grayson in the Yeltsin's Star System.

It was a cryoship, commanded by Captain Hugh Yanakov.

It arrived at Yeltsin on October 24, 988 PD, and the colonists settled on "Zion", the planet that would later be called "Grayson's World" and eventually just "Grayson". Captain Yanakov insisted on preserving the ship, and its tech, including its sick bay, proved vital for the survival of the early Graysons. After Yanakov died in 1018 PD, his son continued to keep some shuttles operational against opposition from the Faithful. The last of these shuttles ceased to function in 1065 PD. (Companion, HH2)

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