George Ramsbottom was a Manticoran citizen and entrepreneur.

A staunch Conservative, he was married to Liberal politician Babette Ramsbottom, with whom he had a daughter named Alice. Although publicly acting like they did not get along well, he and his wife were actually very close, finding common ground in their isolationism.

At the end of the 19th Century PD, their political views let George and his wife into having Ruth, the baby daughter of Judith Newland, kidnapped. They then tried to force Crown Prince Michael, who they knew was in love with Judith, into publicly embarrassing himself and the Crown. However, the Prince and his friends hunted the paid kidnappers down and saved Ruth. In order to avoid public humiliation, the royal family remained unable to go after the Ramsbottoms, but Alice, who had taken sides with Judith, informed them that the Wintons would be watching them from now on. (HHA5.1: R)

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