Genkis Genkkis portion of a photo on his Facebook page

Portion of a photo of Genkis Genkkis 2016 at an art show posted on his Facebook page. Used with his permission see full in image description.

Genkis, or Genkkis, is a French graphic artist and web designer who creates the cover arts for the current French language editions of the Honor Harrington novels.

His work is notable for closely following the descriptions of characters given in the books.

Biography Edit

Hexapuma sketch by Genkis

Initial hexapuma sketch for the French More Than Honor cover

The two proposed More than Honor covers by Genkis

Two proposed cover sketches for More Than Honor

HHA1 More Than Honor french cover

Final cover (2013)

He started drawing when he was about six years old, and wanted to be an illustrator and a comic artist from an early age. He became a web designer and graphic artist, and continued to draw on his free time to improve and try to be a professional. He later founded his own web agency.

Years later, he had become an illustrator for several publishers in various countries while still working as a graphic artist and a web designer. He has expressed love for all these jobs, and an interest to work in another country.

Publishers he has worked for include:

  • Random House (US)
  • L'atalante (France)
  • Bragelonne (France)
  • Opointzero (Belgium)
  • Voy'el (France)
  • Black Coat Press (US)
  • Couleur dite/parole peinte (France)

Working process Edit

When asked how he does his cover art, Genkis explained that most of the time with the Honor Harrington covers, he makes a sketch and scans it, then "paints" it using Photoshop and a tablet Cintiq.[1]

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