Garth Steading was a Grayson steading, or feudal province.

By the 20th Century PD, Steadholder Garth was considered one of Grayson's most powerful political figures. (HH5)

Garth PrecedentEdit

Barely after the Steading's founding, the death of John Garth, its founder and first Steadholder, would trigger a succession crisis that eventually resulted in a legal precedent for the succession of a Steadholder in the absence of legal heirs.

As the Steadholder died an only child who left no sons to succeed him, and because his status as the Steading's founder precluded the Steadholdership from reverting to his father, the succession remained contested for two years until the Church and the Conclave of Steadholders discovered that the junior wife of Garth's father was pregnant. A compromise was reached, and the Church and Conclave agreed to recognize the child as heir to the Steadholdership if it was male, which he was.

In 1911 PD, the Garth precedent would be used to provide a solution to the succession crisis triggered in Harrington Steading by the apparent death of Honor Harrington. (HH8)

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