Gail Weiss
Female civilian
Full Name
Gail Weiss
Female   Female

Gail Weiss was a Mesan citizen, scientist and weapons expert, and a member of the inner circle of the Mesan Alignment.

Family Edit

She was married, but divorced her husband in 1921 PD. (CS3)

Biography Edit

In mid-1922 PD, she was secretly evacuated from Mesa as part of Operation Houdini. She was taken aboard the slaving vessel Prince Sundjata together with fellow researchers Zachariah McBryde and Stefka Juarez, under the supervision of Anthony Zhilov of the Genetic Advancement and Uplift League.

In the Balcescu System, they witnessed another ship with more Alignment scientists aboard being destroyed by a GAUL agent to avoid being taken by a Royal Torch Navy frigate. Doctor Juarez panicked and attacked Zhilov, starting a violent altercation that only McBryde and Weiss survived. Their ship then continued on its way, with both of them being locked up in Weiss' cabin. (CS3)

References Edit

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