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GNS Raoul Courvosier was the lead ship of the Grayson Space Navy's eponymous class of battlecruisers.[1]

Technical data Edit

As she was designed as a flagship, one graser was taken out to make room for flag accommodations and full-scale fleet CIC. (HH4)

History Edit

In 1905 PD, the Raoul Courvosier was nearly completion. (HH3)

From 1905 to 1907 PD, she served as the flagship of the Grayson Space Navy, and took part in the Third Battle of Yeltsin's Star in 1905 PD. (HH4)

As the flagship of Battlecruiser Squadron 1, she took part in the Fourth Battle of Yeltsin's Star.[2] (HH5)

References Edit

  1. Like the class, it was named after Manticoran Admiral Raoul Courvosier, who gave his life for Grayson in the First Battle of Yeltsin's Star.
  2. By 1921 PD, a pod-laying battlecruiser named GNS Raoul Courvosier II had been commissioned, likely as a replacement for this ship. (Companion)

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