GNS Manasseh
Chanson class in space 01
Class Joseph
Type Destroyer
Affiliation Protectorate of Grayson
In Service 20th Century PD

GNS Manasseh (DD-12) was a Joseph-class destroyer of the Grayson Space Navy.

History Edit

Built as a Flight IV Chanson-class vessel by the Star Kingdom of Manticore, it was one of three destroyers provided to Grayson as part of a military assistance package between 1903 and 1904 PD.

Ensigns Cecelie Rustin and Claire Bedlam Lecroix, two of the first female GSN officers, were assigned to the vessel in late 1921 PD. At the time, an exchange officer of the Royal Manticoran Navy, Lieutenant Commander Kevin Lockhart, also served aboard, but was soon transfered after being caught sexually harassing Ensign Lecroix.

After the alliance was struck by the Mesan Alignment's Operation Oyster Bay in early 1922 PD, Manasseh was reassigned to escort duty on a high value passenger transfer: she was to carry Michael Mayhew, the younger brother of Protector Benjamin IX, to Manticore for the planning of the Manticoran Alliance's response to the attacks. (GNLH, HHA6.5: OS)

Known crewmembers Edit

Gns manasseh batch

Naval Officers Edit

Naval Enlisted Edit

References Edit

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