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GNS Glory was a light cruiser in the service of the Grayson Space Navy.

In 1903 PD, when the Grayson-Manticoran Combined Fleet left to pursue the attacking Masadan fleet in the Yeltsin's Star System, Glory, the GSN's oldest and least capable cruiser, was left in orbit of Grayson. The ship was completing a routine maintenance cycle at that time, and its position in the fleet formation was filled by the ManticoranHMS Madrigal.

During the beginning of the Battle of Blackbird, Glory flew in a wedge formation with GNS Saul and GNS Covington occupying the edges, with the Manticoran vessels in the center of the formation. Glory was heavily damaged in the battle, but was later repaired enough to help protect Grayson when MNS Thunder of God entered the system along with Covington. (HH2)

The ship was eventually decommissioned and replaced by the lead unit of the Glory class, which was in fact the name for seven new Manticoran Valiant-class vessels. (Companion)

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