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GNS Ephraim

GNS Ephraim was a Joseph-class destroyer of the Grayson Space Navy.

History Edit

Built as Flight IV Chanson-class vessels by the Star Kingdom of Manticore, three destroyers were provided to Grayson as part of a military assistance package between 1903 and 1904 PD. The ships were redesignated as the Joseph-class, and named Joseph, Manasseh, and Ephraim. (GNLH)

The ship was among the first to have a female officer candidate, namely Midshipwoman Claire Bedlam Lecroix, aboard. Captain Ayres did not approve of her presence, and soon had her promoted and transferred to the Manasseh. A short time later, the Ephraim was destroyed while docked at the Blackbird Yard when the space station was hit by the Mesan Alignment Navy's Operation Oyster Bay. None of her crew survived. (HHA6.5: OS)

Known crewmembers Edit

Naval officers Edit

Officer candidates Edit

References Edit

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